Please read the terms and conditions below:

If it is your first time booking with us, we advise you to assume that we will indeed ask for a deposit to verify your integrity. It may also be advised or even required in other cases to guarantee your booking, such as:

when you want to place a booking further than 2 weeks in the future.
when we need to incur costs in advance for your booking (e.g. travel expenses, special personal requirements etc.).
when we have rented a space for reception on that day.
when we have multiple requests on the same day.
Avoid hassles around payments!

To avoid uncomfortable money-related situations, make sure you have the agreed fee ready to go (preferably in an envelope), and make the entire payment within 5 minutes of my arrival.

If you wish to extend your date and this is indeed possible, please make sure you can already pay the fee for the extended period before it takes effect. If you don’t have enough cash for the extension of your date, we will also accept a tap or payment request bank transfer!


Mandy guarantees that you will always receive your high class escort showered, groomed and in good spirits. However, they too have senses of smell and taste. So make sure you too are clean and well-groomed. If kissing is important to you, pay extra attention to your oral hygiene. Even if you plan on showering beforehand: a first impression is made only once, so your effort to receive her at your best will make her noticeably appreciate it.

Contact me

Contact me soon to make a date! I mainly do escort dates but sometimes it is possible to receive as well. So keep a close eye on my calendar, the days I receive are mentioned in it!